Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Southern Freedom Summit & Southern Independence Membership Drive

Please mark your calendars!  On 7 September there will be a Southern Freedom Summit in Leesburg, Virginia co-sponsored by the Maryland and Virginia LS chapters. There will be music, food and speakers addressing the topics of preserving Southern culture and real steps we can take to protect ourselves from an increasingly tyrannical Federal government. More details to follow. Please plan to attend and bring along a new member. 

 The Virginia and Maryland LS chapters have declared July Southern Independence Membership Drive Month.  We are asking each of our members to recruit at least one new member.  And those folks reading this who are not members, now is as good as any time to join the League of the South.  Help us celebrate our Southern culture, language, traditions and take a stand for liberty.  All freedom-loving Marylanders and Virginians who wish to preserve their Southern way of life are invited to join.  Go to dixienet.org for information on becoming a member. 

Also while you are visiting the national League of the South's website, be sure to donate to the Southern relief fund.